good news… and bad news, ish.


So the car is a total loss/writeoff…basically not worth repairing 😦 However, we have managed to scrape back quite a good chunk of what it’s worth which is pleasing. Now the laborious task of finding a cheap, reliable, roomy family car which we hope can go someway to replacing our old pride and joy.

On the other hand, we had a second viewing of our potential new family abode. We viewed it in the rain and wind and fell in love properly this time. Kind of scary but also very exciting. S was sitting on the proverbial fence with regards to his feelings for this property until yesterday, when he was able to see past the bad decor and awful furnishings to picture his family living there. Now the crazy task of readyin-our house really kicks in properly.

Little lady is still feeling that ‘something’ I talked about previously, with tears and worried face at nursery. Slightly less drama though as the days go by, which i think of as a good thing.

Today my first narcissus came out. And I smiled. Perhaps a good omen of the months to come, I caught sight of the little yellow blossom out the corner of my eye as I made Little mans breakfast. Beautiful and cheer-enducing 🙂

now I opened the cup cupboard to plan my next cup of earl grey, yes, in almost 1 hour I shall have a cup. In that pink and flowery stripy cath kidston number on the right there. See it?


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