things improving.


So its been a wee while. Things have changed since my last visit and blog.

We now have a new car! Finally.. after numerous visits to silly stupid car garages a million miles away from home, we found a lovely family car just down the road for a very reasonable sum of monies! To say it is a relief is a slight understatement, things aren’t quite over yet, in that we haven’t got our excess back yet. But to have our own car, parked outside, which I can drive where I like, feels rather good.

in other news.

We are still debating over selling and moving abodes. Our house valuation came back a little less than we had hoped and it makes us think a bit. Things are hard in this climate. You fall head over heels in love with a house and yet it can become so far out of reach that you have to stop yourself thinking about things too much or you will go crazy.. crazier anyway.

Today the sun shines again, and it is warm. Not warm as in, ‘phwoar, need to get out of the heat’ but warm as in, ‘oooh that feels nice on the back of my neck, but I don’t wanna lose the coat yet….’ It’s a blimmin brilliant day for drying washing too. Yes, I am 25 and extoling the virtues of the the weather and its washing drying abilities, feel free to mock.

It’s harder than I thought to find time to blog. With a 4 year old nursery goer and a 2 year old trouble causer, things are never quiet and calm. Part and parcel I know, but sometimes I long for the time to be me again, non-mummy, non-cleaner.. just me. However, I do not wish to wish time away so I shall shh. 🙂

on that note, before my 2 little people destroy my kitchen I need to be off again.

Will endeavour to be back more often.



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