Monthly Archives: April 2012

April again.


So here it is, April. It was my birthday on the 2nd. My lovely husband treated me to a rather delicious surprise lunch at Wildings, with the little munchkins. I also got my first pair of Merrell walking trainers, which i love… and a nice sum of money/vouchers to spend at my local clothes store. All for me.. to do with what I wish. Bliss!

Its Thursday today and wewent to the beach. We, being me, the little people and the little dog. We collected stones and shells,threw them in the sea and enjoyed the crisp sunshine. It was a warm sun, beating down on us in our winter jackets. I sat on the gravel beach and looked out to sea and felt alot more content than I have in a long time. The kids loved it, the dog loved it, and I loved it.



and for a bit of hookey goodness… my current wip. Lucy Granny stripe number 1. LOVE.