A rainy Thursday


Back to normality today after 3 days of illness, temperatures and general grumpiness courtesy of my little lady. She is still coughing, but its not stopping her causing chaos. The level of mess she is able to make only proves she is getting back to normal.

So, I ordered Little lady’s school uniform today for Primary 1. Yes, Primary 1! Crazy days. Its literally only months till she becomes a primary 1 and I still can’t imagine it. My tiny little first born, so small and delicate in her cot by my bed in the hospital has grown into a proper little lady needing her first school uniform. I get a little misty eyed imagining her 4 years past, remembering only the fab, fun, cute and cheeky times. Forgetting the argumentative, bossy and rather unpleasant times. Funny how mummies can don the rose tinted’s at the drop of a hat 😉

On another note, I have taken up an old hobby. Playing my gorgeous guitar. Oh how I have missed it. Finding music online and plucking, strumming my way through till it sounds remotely tuneful. Makes me happy… possibly more to follow on this note, maybe one day I’ll post a video…. then again maybe I won’t! lol.

So I’ve got two WIPs, my granny stripe, which youve seen in previous posts and a new blanket for my sisters baby, due in August. An elmer blanket. That’s all I shall say in case said sister stumbles across my blog and surprise is revealed. Stay tuned for updates! For now you’ll have to make do with a little pictures of my basket stash, aren’t the pinks and purples gorgeous?




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