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A rainy Thursday


Back to normality today after 3 days of illness, temperatures and general grumpiness courtesy of my little lady. She is still coughing, but its not stopping her causing chaos. The level of mess she is able to make only proves she is getting back to normal.

So, I ordered Little lady’s school uniform today for Primary 1. Yes, Primary 1! Crazy days. Its literally only months till she becomes a primary 1 and I still can’t imagine it. My tiny little first born, so small and delicate in her cot by my bed in the hospital has grown into a proper little lady needing her first school uniform. I get a little misty eyed imagining her 4 years past, remembering only the fab, fun, cute and cheeky times. Forgetting the argumentative, bossy and rather unpleasant times. Funny how mummies can don the rose tinted’s at the drop of a hat 😉

On another note, I have taken up an old hobby. Playing my gorgeous guitar. Oh how I have missed it. Finding music online and plucking, strumming my way through till it sounds remotely tuneful. Makes me happy… possibly more to follow on this note, maybe one day I’ll post a video…. then again maybe I won’t! lol.

So I’ve got two WIPs, my granny stripe, which youve seen in previous posts and a new blanket for my sisters baby, due in August. An elmer blanket. That’s all I shall say in case said sister stumbles across my blog and surprise is revealed. Stay tuned for updates! For now you’ll have to make do with a little pictures of my basket stash, aren’t the pinks and purples gorgeous?




April again.


So here it is, April. It was my birthday on the 2nd. My lovely husband treated me to a rather delicious surprise lunch at Wildings, with the little munchkins. I also got my first pair of Merrell walking trainers, which i love… and a nice sum of money/vouchers to spend at my local clothes store. All for me.. to do with what I wish. Bliss!

Its Thursday today and wewent to the beach. We, being me, the little people and the little dog. We collected stones and shells,threw them in the sea and enjoyed the crisp sunshine. It was a warm sun, beating down on us in our winter jackets. I sat on the gravel beach and looked out to sea and felt alot more content than I have in a long time. The kids loved it, the dog loved it, and I loved it.



and for a bit of hookey goodness… my current wip. Lucy Granny stripe number 1. LOVE.

things improving.


So its been a wee while. Things have changed since my last visit and blog.

We now have a new car! Finally.. after numerous visits to silly stupid car garages a million miles away from home, we found a lovely family car just down the road for a very reasonable sum of monies! To say it is a relief is a slight understatement, things aren’t quite over yet, in that we haven’t got our excess back yet. But to have our own car, parked outside, which I can drive where I like, feels rather good.

in other news.

We are still debating over selling and moving abodes. Our house valuation came back a little less than we had hoped and it makes us think a bit. Things are hard in this climate. You fall head over heels in love with a house and yet it can become so far out of reach that you have to stop yourself thinking about things too much or you will go crazy.. crazier anyway.

Today the sun shines again, and it is warm. Not warm as in, ‘phwoar, need to get out of the heat’ but warm as in, ‘oooh that feels nice on the back of my neck, but I don’t wanna lose the coat yet….’ It’s a blimmin brilliant day for drying washing too. Yes, I am 25 and extoling the virtues of the the weather and its washing drying abilities, feel free to mock.

It’s harder than I thought to find time to blog. With a 4 year old nursery goer and a 2 year old trouble causer, things are never quiet and calm. Part and parcel I know, but sometimes I long for the time to be me again, non-mummy, non-cleaner.. just me. However, I do not wish to wish time away so I shall shh. 🙂

on that note, before my 2 little people destroy my kitchen I need to be off again.

Will endeavour to be back more often.


good news… and bad news, ish.


So the car is a total loss/writeoff…basically not worth repairing 😦 However, we have managed to scrape back quite a good chunk of what it’s worth which is pleasing. Now the laborious task of finding a cheap, reliable, roomy family car which we hope can go someway to replacing our old pride and joy.

On the other hand, we had a second viewing of our potential new family abode. We viewed it in the rain and wind and fell in love properly this time. Kind of scary but also very exciting. S was sitting on the proverbial fence with regards to his feelings for this property until yesterday, when he was able to see past the bad decor and awful furnishings to picture his family living there. Now the crazy task of readyin-our house really kicks in properly.

Little lady is still feeling that ‘something’ I talked about previously, with tears and worried face at nursery. Slightly less drama though as the days go by, which i think of as a good thing.

Today my first narcissus came out. And I smiled. Perhaps a good omen of the months to come, I caught sight of the little yellow blossom out the corner of my eye as I made Little mans breakfast. Beautiful and cheer-enducing 🙂

now I opened the cup cupboard to plan my next cup of earl grey, yes, in almost 1 hour I shall have a cup. In that pink and flowery stripy cath kidston number on the right there. See it?

monday, monday… a sunny one at least.


here it is again. After an unexpectedly emotional goodbye to my little lady this morning at nursery. Not sure what is on her mind at the moment, she is definitely feeling something and expressing that ‘something’ through many many tears. Many times a day in fact, for many different reasons. Onyhoo, a quick phone call to nursery to check all is well and she seems happy again with her friends. I’m always left with a certain unease after tears at nursery, part of being a mum I suppose.

So today the insurance saga continues! ( I was involved in a road accident a few weeks back, not my fault.. but boy are we feeling the pain and inconvenience :()Our lovely family car, Ford Mondeo is in the garage with a rather horrific bash in the front passenger side and passenger doors. Very sad times. However, trying to organise insurance, hire cars, injury claims etc is proving to be a little tiresome. Alot of work for something that I never asked to be involved in. But I shan’t pursue that train of thought for fear of this post turning into a major rant!

We are in the process of trying to buy our dream house in the village in which I grew up. A beautiful village with a lovely community, close to parents, brother, beach and various other outdoor possibilities. I yearn to bring my children up there in this 3 bedroom, end of terrace seasidie house.We are trying to ready our own house for the market, painting, cleaning, tidying and my least favourite de-cluttering! We shall need luck on our side with the state of things in the house sales stakes at the moment. Whit’s for us will not go by us…. hopefully!

So here is 10.23, Ive cleaned the kitchen, fed my little man and am thinking about a cup of tea in my stripy mug. However, I feel I must achieve more than this before the nursery run… what to do what to do…. Perhaps I shall de-toy the sun room over the course of today? Would you like to see a before and after picture in the hope it might provide me with some motivation?

a first of many


Here I am. I have arrived…. so this is blogland?

After many a foray into the rather mesmorizing world of crochet blogs, I decided.. what better way to document my life than through the land of blog.

Yes, I am only a stay at home mum/housewife, but hopefully I can think of enough things to fill one of these blog things with.

So here goes, wish me luck! 🙂



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